Elevating everyday food...

Chef Jane Copeland is the proud owner of Lift Breakfast Bakery Ltd.  With both culinary and pastry/baking training, Jane has built her career at some of Canada's top restaurants including Chambar (Vancouver), Mission Hill Family Estate Winery (Kelowna)  and The Wickanninish Inn (Tofino).  


Driven by a passion to excel at her craft and explore  a genuine curiosity for the limitless creative potential of gastronomy, Jane travelled to Spain in 2010 to work at three Michelin star restaurant Arzak in San Sebastian.


Upon her return to Canada, determined more than ever to advance her skill and technique in the kitchen, Jane accepted a once in a lifetime opportunity to return to Spain and work the final season in the pastry kitchen of the world's best restaurant, El Bulli.


Upon return to Canada for good this time, Jane honed her focus on the pastry kitchen, reigniting a lifelong love for baking bread and crafting pastries. 


Lift Breakfast Bakery will be a combined expression of Jane's love for the kitchen, weakness for breakfast and desire to bring fine dining caliber to everyday food.  





Lift is a magical upward motion when dough first starts its initial rise in the oven; when tiny gas pockets expand; when chemical reactions and careful calculations conspire to transform an otherwise very simple piece of dough into a magnificent, elevated form.  Where there is Lift, there is accomplishment, joy, and supreme happiness. 


Come taste the love...